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Ambassador Events Travel is a full-service travel agency, and has been in operation since 2007. As travel advisers, we work collaboratively with our clients to sort through vast amounts of information and make informed decisions. We are well-traveled, and have experienced first-hand what so many of our clients joyfully anticipate. We stay on top of trends and all-things travel by attending travel seminars and certification classes on a regular basis.

Some trips are more complicated than others, and we are here to make it easy, smooth and seamless for our clients. For example, foreign travel is more complex than traveling to the next state. Or sometimes the stakes are too high to make a mistake when planning a big trip to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, or a trip that involves coordinating itineraries with friends or family members. We have insider access to thousands of travel resources, special phone lines, travel, tour, and accommodation providers (some that you might not have even heard of), and know how to find what you need in a flash.

We make your dreams a reality, so you can …….”GO AWAY!”


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