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  • Imperial grandeur. Cutting-edge culture. Stunning natural beauty. Austria doesn’t just embody the great European traditions — it’s the essence of Europe itself. A few of their beautiful cities to visit:
    • Vienna: Austria’s capital offers a unique blend of imperial traditions and stunning architecture. Famous for its many cultural events, classical concerts, imperial architecture, coffee houses, cozy wine taverns, and the very special Viennese charm.
    • Salzburg: Walking in Mozart’s Footsteps — two of Salzburg’s most important historic sites: Mozart’s Birthplace, the house in which Mozart was born; and the Mozart Residence, his childhood home. Both offer fascinating insights into the life and work of one of the greatest composers of all time.
    • Innsbruck: Past and future meet in the heart of the Alps, where Innsbruck’s world-famous sights, which testify to the Tirol province’s great past, stand alongside post-modern international architecture to create a fascinating blend. And host to several winter Olympic games.
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