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a Voyage of Discovery

  • You will be amazed to find so much history, so much beauty and so many perfect holiday destinations in such a small country. Croatia’s history dates back thousands of years, with many historic buildings from the first decade perfectly preserved.
    • Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik is the most magnificent and well preserved fortified city in the world, its history dates back to the 6th century. The old city is fully encapsulated by its fortified walls
    • Pula: Pula is the undiscovered Rome, its history, its architecture and its traditions are largely influenced by Roman History. Pula has the sixth largest amphitheater in the world, and is the best preserved, with the majority of its impressive walls undamaged. The amphitheater is known as “Arena”. Another historic jewel is the “Golden Gate”, which was the main gate to the old town, construction began 29 BC and was completed 2 years later.
    • Island of Korcula: Korcula is the birthplace of Marco and has been described by some as little Dubrovnik.

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