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  • Bavaria: The county of Bavaria prides itself on its uniqueness and is effectively, if not officially, a state within the German state. Bavaria features beautiful lakes, forests and the towering summits of the Alps.
  • Black Forest: The Black Forest (‘Schwarzwald’) is a region of Germany mainly known for three distinctive features: its highlands, scenery and woods — and its typical cake (‘Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte’).
  • Germany’s East: Eastern Germany is an exciting destination with numerous architectural highlights, and cultural and historical importance.
  • Rhine Valley: Due to its stunning beauty, the Rhine Valley is a popular holiday destination. Castles, cathedrals, woods and vineyards, hiking trails and a romantic river bed all contribute to the scenery.
  • North and Baltic Sea: The coastline of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea offer an interesting array of scenery from sandy beaches, to jagged cliffs adorned with sleepy coastal towns.
  • Currency: Euro

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