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Madagascar is a dream destination for nature and outdoor lovers

Lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, beaches, desert, trekking and diving….and half the fun is getting to all these incredible attractions.

Madagascar is unique: 5% of all known animal and plant species can be found here, and here alone. The remarkable fauna and flora is matched by epic landscapes of an incredible diversity: you can go from rainforest to desert in just 300km. Few places on earth offer such an intense kaleidoscope of nature. Making the best of it, however, can be challenging (and expensive): Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest island and its roads are dismal. But those who relish an adventure will come into their own: the off-road driving is one of a kind, and there are national parks that only see 100 visitors a year, regions that live in autarchy during the rainy season and resorts so remote you’ll need a private plane or boat to get there.

Madagascar’s climate is tropical along the coast, with a temperate inland and arid in the south. Cyclone season is from December to March. The best time to visit Madagascar is from April to October, when it’s dry and not too hot.

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