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Martinique is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and its beauty is matched by the richness of its history. Although discovered by Columbus, the island was taken for France in 1635 and has since been a possession of that country, except for three short periods when it was under British occupation. A singular feature of its history is that it has bred a race of queens. Joséphine, who was to become Empress of France; her daughter Hortense, who became Queen of Holland; Madame de Maintenon, morganatic wife of Louis XIV; and Aimée Debuc, the sultan validah, or queen mother, of Turkey—all were born on Martinique.

Martinique experiences tropical, maritime climate in the Trade wind belt. The rainy season starts in June till October when it is warm and wet. Temperatures average 79⁰F, with alternating wind currents that keep the island cool.

The terrain is mountainous with indented coastline and a dormant volcano.

The languages spoken are French, English, and Creole. The capital city is Fort-de-France.

This island is the only French island in the group.

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