Escorted / Guided Vacations

Experience a destination for the first time or for the second time around through the eyes, ears and expertise on an escorted tour.

On an escorted tour you have the opportunity to enjoy the jade green waters of the Verzasca River which flows peacefully over polished rocks that pass under the double arches of the Ponte Dei Salti in Lavertezzo. You can be taken on an adventure through Switzerland to hike The Eiger Trail, a short trail within the famous triangle of the Swiss Summit. Take in the Alpine pasture land, waterfalls, scree slopes, grassy boulder fields, lake scenery and sheer limestone buttress from the Monch.

An escorted tour can lead you to explore the natural rocky area bordering the cantons of Neuenburg and Vaud. Take an adventurous hike with countless steps and bridges and see the wild animals that inhabit the pristine natural landscape protected by the existence of a 25 square kilometer natural reserve with a spring, the Fontaine Froide in the middle of a sinkhole.

Join in on the fun of an escorted tour from Ambassador Event Travel.

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