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Travel the world on a group tour and connect with people from different parts of the world, where an expert will guide you to the hidden gems of your chosen destination. You will be able to meet with locals, and get the first-hand experience of their culture. It is guaranteed to be the most memorable tour you will ever have. Enjoy a group tour destination through the eyes of a local.

What better way to go on a group tour than with people that have the same intentions as you. Enjoy a bike tour to Napa Valley, California in the US, where you can walk the grounds and see the process of winemaking while you sip on the best glass of red or white wine. Take the Napa Valley vintage locomotive wine train and travel through the valley on this moving restaurant. Journey to Yountville a town known for the best restaurants and sparkling wine.

Visit the Prague Czech Republic for the scenery, the adventure, and its history. Take a walk through Charles Square the largest square in the world. Capture the beautiful dotted pastel-colored art deco building painted by expats and young professionals in Leafy Vinohrady. Journey through Letna, a shady park with an historic pavilion, and a scenic view of the river and historic city.

Get an experience that will have you coming back for more when you let Ambassador Event Travel plan your Group tour.

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