Rail Journeys

Take a trip on the railways for an extraordinary experience and capture the beautiful scenery as it passes.

Explore the beautiful scenery of Britain as you take a train tour. Set off on a journey to Snowdonia National Park; this historic Snowdonia mountain railway climb offers views across the sea to Ireland. Explore over 100 lakes and craggy peaks like Cadair Idris and Tryfan.

Be blown away by a scenic train ride when you travel to Germany as you sip on a cup of authentic German coffee. There you can explore the colorful walls of the Pergamon museum in Berlin. Wander through the monumental buildings such as the Pergamon Altar, the Ishtar gate of Babylon, the market gates of Miletus and the Mshatta facade and acquaint yourself with the fascinating art culture of Berlin.

What better way to see Canada than by train, and unmask the coastal beauty of the gateway to Vancouver. Your railway travel enables you to explore the charm of Niagara Falls, adore the wildlife and scenic vistas at Jasper National Park, visit the rocky mountains in Banff National Park, and stroll through the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia.

Make your next railway travel, an experience of a lifetime when you plan a trip with Ambassador Event Travel.

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