1. 13-day cruise visiting 2 countries & 7 ports; private veranda
  2. 6 included tours / 3 overnights
  3. All onboard meals
  4. Culture Curriculum: Become immersed in your destinations through lectures and performances of music, art, cooking, dance and history
  5. Free WiFi
  • Cabins – prices shown below are per person, based on double occupancy. NOTE: if you have a Viking Cruise voucher (which you bought while on one of their cruises), and/or have sailed with Viking before, additional discounts will be applied. There are no cabins for singles; if you are single and want your own cabin, the cost is double the cabin price.
  1. ES3: $9,999
  2. PV1: $6,199
  3. PV2: $6,099
  4. DV1: $5,899
  5. DV2: $5,699
  6. DV3: $5,599
  7. DV4: $5,499
  8. DV5: $5,399
  9. DV6: $5,299
  10. V1: $5,099
  • These rates will include a $125.00 group discount/person
  • Additional discounts: if you have sailed with Viking within the last year, you get an additional discount of $200/person. If it has been over a year since sailing with Viking, you get an additional discount of $100/person. Referral vouchers cannot be applied.
  • Includes all onboard meals, and complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with lunch and dinner
  • Viking Venus Deck Plan, ship features, and cabin descriptions: https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/ships/viking-... NOTE: We did a site inspection of the Viking Venus sister ship when she was docked in New York…simply gorgeous! And there are only 930 guests on this ship.
  • Air: Viking is offering FREE round trip airfare from all US gateway cities (except Anchorage and Honolulu) until February 28, 2021. This special will vary from month to month and is currently available for cruises booked in the month of February. You can lock it in now, and pay later at final payment.
  • Airport Transfers:
  1. Included if you book your flight through Viking
  2. If you book only the cruise, the cost for airport transfers is $49/person each way, and you must arrive and depart on the itinerary day. If you book your pre-or post-nights with Viking, the Viking airport transfers are included.
  • Insurance – the prices below are per person, and are based on the gross price. If purchased up to 14 days from the date of deposit, it covers pre-existing illness. This also allows you to cancel your trip for any reason, and you retain 100% of your travel value. You will receive a voucher for a future cruise if you use “cancel for any reason” (valid for travel within 12 months of the date of issue, but no later than 15 months from the date your trip was canceled). If you cancel for covered reasons, you receive a full cash refund up to the trip cost, minus the insurance premium and $100 cancellation penalty. You have ten days after purchasing insurance to request a cancellation and a full refund. You have up to 120 days prior to departure to purchase insurance if you did not do so at time of booking.
  1. $0-$2,500: $319
  2. $2,501-$3,000: $349
  3. $3,001-$3,500: $379
  4. $3,501-$4,000: $419
  5. $4,001-$4,500: $519
  6. $4,501-$6,000: $619
  • Pre-Cruise: There is a 2-night London pre-cruise package at $999/person, and a 3-night Iceland pre-cruise package at $2,299/person.
  • Post-Cruise: There is a 2-night Bergen post-cruise package at $499/person, and a 2-night Oslo post-cruise package at $849/person.
  • Deposit:
  1. Cruise Only: $500.00/person
  2. Cruise and Insurance: $500.00 + cost of insurance/person.
  • Balance due for Cruise, air and insurance (if not purchased at time of booking): date will vary depending on the time of booking and any promotions at that time.


Cancellation Received Charges will apply
121 days or more prior to time of departure $100.00 per person
120-90 days prior to time of departure 20% of full fare
89-70 days prior to time of departure 35% of full fare
69-50 days prior to time of departure 75% of full fare
49-0 days prior to time of departure 100% of full fare

Full Fare is defined as the full cost of any cruise, land or air component purchased from Viking, which is why trip insurance is so important because LIFE HAPPENS WHEN WE LEAST EXPECT IT.


  • Once a deposit has been made and space is confirmed, certain changes can be made with no fees incurred; i.e., change cabin category, remove air if it has not been ticketed. Name changes are not covered, and will fall under the cancellation policy.
  • If you decide to change your credit card (because you get points with a different one), and want the deposit and final payment to be transferred to another card, there is a $30 fee/card, and change must be requested within 60 days of posting the credit card payment.
  • You can make payments along the way, instead of one large payment on the due date.
  • Viking offers a 3.3% rebate on electronic payments made from your checking or savings account. They would need your bank routing number and account number. They do not take funds from the money market or trust accounts.

Space is extremely limited. The above pricing and availability are a snapshot in time and may change by the time we book. If you are interested, please let me know...we would be delighted to have your company during this exciting cruise!!