The apartment worked out great

By Parker T

The apartment worked out great. It was in a nice location (we were 1 block from the beach and the beach volleyball arena). We had an "ocean view" - a view out between 2 buildings to the ocean which was fine, but could hear the cheering from the beach volleyball arena at night (also fine, as it was fun to hear). . To get to the events at Olympic Park, we would have to leave about 3 hours early to catch 2 metros (including the new line that opened just in time) and then the Bus Rapid Transit. All this to just go 25 miles. The buses had their own lanes to get to the Olympic Park, but all of the transferring takes time. The metro was often very crowded, sometimes so busy that you couldn't move around at all. When metro was not available or didn't go to where we needed to go, we took Uber Black. Overall, we had such a great time. I would recommend a visit to Rio and would definitely recommend a trip to the Olympics to anyone. The first few days, were exhausting as we had 2 events a day but after that it calmed down a little. After going, we are seriously contemplating Tokyo in 2020. (August 2016)

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