Well, we made it back safe

By Betty S

Well, we made it back safe and sound and now basking in the warm afterglow of a most wonderful vacation! While all of our guides were excellent and informative, there are a couple that stand out.

On the foodie tour, Ilania was a delight. She was so animated and excited about sharing information about area and food. I wanted to adopt her! 😊 Our guide, Alessandro, on the Cinque Terre tour made us all feel so comfortable. He was like a favorite uncle. So intelligent and knowledgeable! The driver for our Sienna side trip, Denali (?), was such a gentleman and excellent navigator. He made sure we got to where we needed to go. The personal guide for Sienna, Benny, took excellent care of us. All the accommodations were very comfortable. The staffs at all of them were very helpful and courteous. We enjoyed the free trip to Murano that the Monte Carlo provided. It gave us an additional perspective of the island when experiencing it the second time on the boat tour. We didn’t have a bad meal anywhere and, hopefully, did enough walking to offset all the pasta, gelato and wine. 😊 All in all, the whole trip was absolutely amazing. We can’t decide if Florence or Venice was our favorite but loved it all!!

I shared your contact information with one of my friends who is interested in a trip abroad.

Thank you so much for a trip that not only met but exceeded our expectations! (October 2017)

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